Pre-Harvest Spray

Pre-Harvest SprayDon’t get infested, have your grain store treated professionally by Grain Fumigation Services, using K-Obiol pre-harvest spray for your grain store.

Grain Fumigation Services can offer you pre-harvest Spray treatments of your empty stores, silos, bins or elevators.

A pre-harvest spray is viewed as a cost-effective precaution against the risk of both building fabric infestation, as well as any cross contamination. The damage that a insect problem could have can  lead to a serious loss of foodstuff, produce as well as risk reputation damage.

The preventative treatments offered by Grain Fumigation Services are suitable against grain store insects, mites and weevils. All treatments are extremely competitively priced, and tailored precisely to your exact needs.

Grain Fumigation Services issue you with certification detailing the treatment upon the completion of the pre-harvest Spray.

Pre-Harvest Cleaning
Grain Fumigation Services can also carry out a complete and thorough pre-harvest clean of your storage areas, silos or warehouses. This can be employed as a further preventative method, and further ensures that any spray treatment that you receive has maximum impact.

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