Insect Monitoring

During the grain storage season we recommend regular grain store monitoring. This is Insect Monitoringanother preventative method offered by Grain Fumigation Services to limit damage, and the overall cost to your company resulting from a stored product pest problem.

You can choose precisely the extent of service you would like as we monitoring equipment for insects, temperature, moisture or humidity. Eachof these variables all play a major role in determining whether or not your produce is likely to be affected by any stored product pests.

We use a variety of methods to carry out our insect monitoring for you. This can range from insect pitfall traps, magnifying lenses or sieves. Each of these serve the overall purpose of providing you with the most complete monitoring available, all with the ambition to detect infestations early

Should hot spots or sprouting be evident from the insect monitors, we would recommend a survey and further investigation. This will precisely identify exactly what action is required specific to your unique situation.

No matter the severity, we offer a completeĀ Fumigation ServiceĀ which we guarantee will eradicate your stored product pest problem.

For more information about our insect monitoring services, do not hesitate to call us on 01235 819 922 or click here to fill out our quick enquiry form.